Plan & Prepare to spend two evenings out!

We are excited! Hope you can join us as we celebrate our 6th year of the STAY  FOCUSED CHRISTIAN WRITER’S RETREAT; we will be retreating at the Pope John Paul II Retreat Center this November 2018. The Retreat Center is located at 414 South Eighth Street, Vineland NJ. Retreat registered guests will have an all inclusive package.


This facility has comfortable accommodations, separate prayer room, private chapel, updated conference and dining facilities, plenty of areas for privacy and relaxation all very conducive to a learning environment.  Prepare to be served well at this location. Plans have been underway for some time now making this location prime real estate for community events, educational and training events, and Christian Events to name a few.

The local area of Southern New Jersey, just like Gloucester County is “Close to Everything, and Far From It All”, just like a retreat should be. Retreat Center




One thought on “Location”

  1. Hi Deanna! For this year, I will have to pass, but we should stay in touch when you’re getting next year’s retreat together. Mostly because of just coming off my March Through Texas Launch Tour and then the North East Texas Writers’ Organization’s Spring Conference–which I am the director of this year and I KNOW you know what all that entails! 🙂 It’s always the last weekend in April. Is your retreat always the first weekend in May?
    Blessings from Texas!

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