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“Therefore, if you have been raised with the Messiah, keep focusing on the things that are above, where the Messiah is seated at the right hand of God.”    ~Colossians 3:1 International Standard Version (ISV)

Just Write, . . . And Keep Writing


Created for writers, illustrators, editors, graphic designers, publishers, and artists with varying interests and with an array of artistic genres, and hosted by Stay Focused Magazine, this “Christian Writers Retreat” is an annual gathering of people with a diverse background from near and far. Retreat organizers have decided that all of us together know more than any one of us alone.  When we gather annually it is a time for us to refocus our energy, motives, and time toward perfecting our craft and interests. The retreat itself has a focus of: Information, Partnership, and Strategies (IPS).

INFORMATION: The Stay Focused Christian Writers Retreat provides a wealth of information over the course of two days. The first is brought to you during a panel discussion on Publishing. The panel consists of experienced authors, editors, illustrators, and publishers. Retreat panel discussions range from ePublishing to self-publishing; how to choose a publisher; what should I expect to contribute in time and money; how do you select an experienced editor/illustrator; and so much more.

The second day of the retreat is loaded with informative and educational workshops from morning until evening. This years topics include: 10 Easy Steps to Writing & Publishing – Elder Terrence Clark; Excellence In Editing – Giselle Ogondo; Legacy Planning for “Your Life’s Purpose” – Arthur Horn, MBA; Marketing Your Writing via Zoom – Dr. Cecilia Dennery. One on one sessions with an author is available. Contact us via email or phone to schedule.

PARTNERSHIP: Staying connected and adding connections are fundamental in every business; and so it is with Stay Focused Christian Writers Retreat. We are in the business of building valuable partnerships. We set the atmosphere and the stage for goals to be accomplished, objectives to be reached and plans to be engaged. Each year retreat attendees return with excitement and testament of their exposure and connections made in the previous year.

With anticipation and excitement we add annually to our list of published authors, new editors, illustrators, and graphic designers. All of whom gather together in one place with the goal of partnering with one another to complete projects.

STRATEGIES: As a writer, author, editor, illustrator, graphic designer, and the like, you are a business owner. Stay Focused Christian Writer’s Retreat would like to keep this concept at the foremost part of your mind. We encourage you to plan and be strategic about your business. Create SMART goals, follow a plan, and market each project; are just a few things each business owner/writer will learn while attending Stay Focused Christian Writers Retreat.

IPS – Information, Partnership & Strategies

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  1. I completely enjoyed my experience at the 2014 stayfocused writer’s retreat.
    I wasn’t confident that I coukd really be an author until the retreat.
    Now, I am more confident than ever.

    1. We are very Happy to Assist you in building your confidence! And as you know we plan be with you during every step to help you succeed by this time next year. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, June 21st. I am so pleased to have met you and hear the beginnings of your awesome story.

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