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Receive the Gift of Education
Receive the Gift of Education

“Rediscover your gifts and learn more about running your business. Stay Focused Christian Writer’s Retreat is here for you! Providing attendees with Information, Partnership & Strategies of doing business better, by becoming an author.”          ~Deanna Garlic, MA


“Therefore, if you have been raised with the Messiah, keep focusing on the things that are above, where the Messiah is seated at the right hand of God.”    ~Colossians 3:1 International Standard Version (ISV)

2017 Class List


Classes Include:

The smART of Writing                                                                                                           Writing is a craft. Writing is an art. In this class, we’ll cover the how to’s, the what’s, the why’s and the when and the where’s! Hands-on Q & A.

A Marketing Platform With Confidence
What is confidence? Confidence comes from the acquisition of knowing, doing, and teaching. During this workshop you will discover your level of confidence. We will answer and explore several questions: like, What do you know?; Who are you associated with?; What gifts do you bring to the table?;… to name a few. Hands-on Q & A.

Public Speaking                                                                                                                                     We are very familiar with Moses speech impediments, but what about our own. What is really stopping you from declaring God’s Word publicly and moving forward in your gift, your talents, and your calling. The process of writing and the ability to speak well is healing. You can do it and God can help. Hands-on Q & A.

Go & Grow, Write & Speak through the Hurts
Jesus never promised it would be easy to follow Him, but He has promised always to be with us. Biblical principles for those times that test and stretch our faith and later become the focus of our writing and speaking ministry. Hands-on Q & A.

Discover God’s Plan for Your Ministry
Is God calling you to write an article, story, or book? Who is your audience? What are their needs? How will you reach them? Should you look for a publisher or go indie? What are the advantages and disadvantages of traditional and indie publishing? Hands-on Q & A.

You Can Do It!
How to indie publish affordably yet professionally. Learn why thousands of authors are choosing independent publishing, or indie publishing, to publish books of all genres. And more importantly learn how you can join them and do it too. Hands-on Q & A.

Closing – Think Big Because You Serve a Big God
How to cut the old tapes, stop listening to the wrong voices, and accomplish what God is calling you to do.



2016 THEME:                                                                         THE BOOK THAT CHANGED MY LIFE!

2016 DVD’s Available for Purchase2016 DVD’s Available for Purchase

Creative Writing Courses:

Real, Phony and Somewhere In Between: Creating believable characters, by Author Andrea Gadson

It does not matter. You can be writing the longest novel in the world or the shortest; your characters will make or break your story. Readers need to connect with your characters. If they don’t know a character, they won’t stick with them through any journey or situation you create. Your characters make your reader forget they are…well…reading.  Building believable characters takes investment. Once you make this investment, your story may just erupt from your loins without much effort. Let believable characters reveal your believable story.

In this workshop we’ll sink into what it takes to create characters people love (or hate). This fun and interactive workshop may place two or three characters in your back pocket for the next your story or novel.

Publishing Made Easy, by Author Ronnie Dawson

Class about various tools available to writers to empower them to do what is necessary to become published authors. Topics discussed will include: 1. Why do you want to publish a book. 2. Important factors in publishing. 3. Connecting to your audience.

Giving Purpose and Intent to Your Writing , by Minister Author Terrence Clarke

You’ve heard everyone has a story. And, you said, one day I’ll write mine.  Before you pick up a pen or start pounding the keys of your laptop, understand the intent and purpose of your writing and side step frustration and unreal goals. Find out that your story, script, poem, article is more than just a collection of words, ideas or imagery, but perhaps a tool to reach (and minister to) someone in this world of seven billion plus. 


The Business of Writing

Legacy Planning for You & Your Business, by Arthur C. Horn

This class will assist participants in creating a personal plan designed to co-exist with their business life/plan. Often we make plans for our business and we separately write plans for our family and personal life. Mr. Horn will demonstrate and display how his personal journey guided him through a thorough detailed legacy/life plan.

Financing Your Business / Writing, by Minister Danielle Wright

Concerning our finances how many of us can say as Paul said in Philippians 4:12a “I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound:…” Come learn from someone who has an Awesome story and professional experience that will enlighten and ignite your business finances.

Danielle is going to share how the book, “Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money” by Rabbi Daniel Lapin enhanced her life. She is going to share how he explains “life is business and business is life”.  Also help you to answer the question, is it God’s will that we shall be prosperous? You need help in understanding finances, this is the class for you.


Creative Writing Courses:

Giving Purpose and Intent to Your Writing , by Minister Terrence Clarke

You’ve heard everyone has a story. And, you said, one day I’ll write mine.  Before you pick up a pen or start pounding the keys of your laptop, understand the intent and purpose of your writing and side step frustration and unreal goals. Find out that your story, script, poem, article is more than just a collection of words, ideas or imagery, but perhaps a tool to reach (and minister to) someone in this world of seven billion plus. 

Creative Business Writing – (A Creative Approach to Strategic Communications & Marketing), by Billy Ray Davis, Jr.

Discover how to define your mission and vision put words to your passion and niche. Develop a practical approach to taking your information and bringing it to your bottom line. This workshop will look at all aspects of strategic communications and provide a connection to those things that inspire us to do business. 

Killing My Baby, by Andrea Gadson

You have finished your masterpiece. It may be your best work. You’re confident about every period and comma. You know you’ve got the right organization. Your facts are straight. You’re ready to send your work to any editor and publisher, and they should be ready to print it.

HOLD IT! Have you done a sufficient job in editing and revising your work? Don’t groan. Editing and revising are mandatory aspects of the writing process. Many of us think we’re ready when we truly are not. Killing My Baby: Tips on Revising and Editing Your Own Work gives you practical steps to use when you have to take off the writing hat and put on the editing hat. These tips will assure you are sending your best work to any editor or publisher.

As Writer You Are In Business For Yourself
As Writers We Are In Business For

The Business of Writing

The Nonprofit’s Place in The World of Business, by Arthur C. Horn

Today everyone wants to start a nonprofit. And the reality is that your nonprofit will need financing to get started and continue operating, just like your for profit business. The Nonprofit Sector, also known as the Independent Sector is dynamic, complex, and deserves some studying before you decide to jump into it.

To operate a nonprofit you will need business skills or surround yourself with people who have business skills, or you will be unsuccessful. In this class, be prepared to learn about the mission, the money, the need, volunteers, donors, and customers. What is important?

Websites & Mobile Apps – Changing the Face of Business, by Kyle D. Amaker

Websites and mobile apps are one of the best ways to build authority and traffic to your writing business. As the internet continues to grow at a record pace, consumers have an insatiable need for content.

A website and mobile app has become one of the most reliable forms of providing that information. The biggest challenge most writers face is not whether they need a website, but how to build a website that brings in business. This class will discuss how to build a website to accomplish what you need most.

Etiquette in Writing Business Letters, by Dorlisa Young 
Today communication is widely done via, our phone: facetime, text message, email, tweet, etc. Please know there comes a time when you must be able to write a Professional Business Letter. Let us help you learn some simple steps to formatting and writing of a business letter to save you the money of paying someone else to do it.


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