Taking It All In

Taking It All In

You were here and now your gone your memory with me will forever live on. A Legacy you left with me one that I will always see! A part of my present and my past but it’s in my future where your life will last.

Your impressions on my heart will never be erased for you my father I embrace: your smile, your love, your jokes, and respect, I am the luckiest kid on that you can bet. Oh how I wish to sum it up, only too few words could never detect, all you’ve given over the years: your money, your time and even your precious tears.

A Legacy of Fun, Love & Respect!

While your soul may be at rest your life in me lives on. . . . I AM GRATEFUL

9 thoughts on “Taking It All In”

  1. Deanna…Awesome testimony of love. Blessing to you and your family. May God by the Holy Spirit forward that legacy of fatherhood to all of your lives with heavenly joy.

  2. Very Nice! We all will cherish the impact and legacy of a truly wonderful man!! Thanks for sharing…BRD

  3. Awesome testimony about your father. He was a man of God that is now in heaven with our father. You are a Flection of him, so meek and humble. May God continue to bless you, your brothers and sisters, and especially cousin Joycie!

  4. Brother Leon’s Christian walk, was filled with Faith. He was faithful to his God and to his church. Being a child of the most high , he demonstrated his love for The Lord in his relationships with his wife, his children, grandchildren, and all his relatives and friends. He left a legacy of never giving up. Brother Leon will be missed. We do thank God for being faithful to your father as well. Was a nice blog. To God be the glory.Amen.

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