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Push Through. . .

Pray To Him, He IS Listening

When we study the Bible we receive so much more from God than if we just read a few verses to say, “Check, got that done.” Jesus is not a check-list God. He is available for a relationship with us. It is our job to connect with Him, to read His Word, and to apply what we already know.

I tell you, this morning I almost missed my Blessing at the Annual Gloucester County Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast.  I had to Push Through… A few things happened. I was very tired the night before so I woke up late, I had to Push Through… I didn’t do a lot of what should have been done the night before, so I had to Push Through… I start getting ready and realize I have sinus pressure and a headache, I have to Push Through… And finally, I bumped my head on the corner of our bathroom wall, pierced the skin, felt a little lump, big headache now, and talking to God, I Push Through…

The keynote speaker at the prayer breakfast was Anne Beiler, Founder, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, the world’s largest pretzel franchise.  Anne shared how proud she is of her Amish-Mennonite heritage in Lancaster County, PA and how it helped to cultivate a love for and relationship with God. Her venture to open a booth at a local farmer’s market to sell pretzels was her way of trying to make a living and help take care of her family. And look at what God did for Anne, who had no money, no business plan, and an 8th grade education.

Allow me to share how Anne blessed me this morning. Her story is based on the scripture James 5:16, “Admit your faults to one another and pray for each other so that you may be healed.” (Living Bible) Anne received full and complete healing only after revealing her deepest darkest secret. She shared with us how secrets kill and destroy, and that is not the life God has planned for any of us.

A quote that also helped save her is, “Alone we die, connected we live.” by Dr. Richard Dobbins of Emerge Ministries, Akron OH. Anne allowed God to be her guide and counsel. She did not just read the Bible she applied the Bible to her life. God taught her to face her fears and walk through them.

One phrase that was repeated in her keynote address and rings loudly in my ears is, “Do not focus on what you don’t have, focus on what you have; because what you have is all you need!”

Push Through… when you want to go to a meeting or event and it seems that obstacles and trials keep pushing back. Push Through… when you know you are doing what’s right and others are discouraging. Push Through… when you’re tired, whether it rains, snows, sleet, or hail, make it your business to show up. Push Through… because there is a Blessing on the other side of your Push, waiting for you!

Hear Anne Beiler’s full story on her website at: https://auntieannebeiler.com/annes-story/

Understanding Love

Little do they know they will always be your little Prince or Princess. Loving a child can give you a greater understanding of God’s Love toward us. It is unconditional, undeserving, without fail, without judgement, pure, honest, and so much more. In healthy relationships parents love children and in return children love their parents.

When you love someone you make sacrifices for them without considering your selfish needs. When loving your children you go out of your way for their happiness. They have so much to learn and as their parent you have so much to give them. Also when loving them there exists the natural inclination to protect them. All of these things God does for us without us asking for Him to do so.

My Little Princess at her Princess Pajama Party

My little princess (picture here) has come to me in such a unique way. She is my sister. It has been my pleasure to Love her through everything life brings our way, be it good, bad, or indifferent. Watching her learn and grow is an amazing experience. And teaching about life is exciting and refreshing. The hardest thing to do is to see her gracefully yet boldly come into her teenage years. That’s all we will say about teenage years for now ….. 🙂 

My Little Princess with Minnie

Children have no idea how much you love them until you show them with your time.  They understand your presence at there sporting events, PTA Mtgs, School Assemblies, Graduations, Award Presentations, Play Performances, Recitals, Church Gatherings, On Vacation with them, etc. all translate in to “I Love You”. And yes the reverse is true. They understand your absence as, “I have more important things to do”. Express your love and be PRESENT with your child. Help them to understand the Unconditional Love you have for them. While it is true that we can not give what we do not have, begin to understand how much they need you. Should you find yourself in a situation that you have never know a fathers love or a mothers love, then begin to introduce yourself to God who is the father of all. His love for you will give you joy, peace, understanding and put you in a position to love others especially your children in return.

So, the challenge for today is to understand God’s Love toward you. Begin by Loving daily on your child. (your sister, brother, niece, nephew, cousin, etc.)

Keep Love Present (KLP)







Taking It All In

Taking It All In

You were here and now your gone your memory with me will forever live on. A Legacy you left with me one that I will always see! A part of my present and my past but it’s in my future where your life will last.

Your impressions on my heart will never be erased for you my father I embrace: your smile, your love, your jokes, and respect, I am the luckiest kid on that you can bet. Oh how I wish to sum it up, only too few words could never detect, all you’ve given over the years: your money, your time and even your precious tears.

A Legacy of Fun, Love & Respect!

While your soul may be at rest your life in me lives on. . . . I AM GRATEFUL